Opens by appointment. Mr. Dickson, neighbor and owner of Rämmens herrgård can be called on number +46 590 32052. In the summer there is a terrace in the garden once a month. You can eat a waffle and drink a cup of coffee.

The school and Klockargården were built in the summer of 1839. The village had grown considerably due to the iron ore mining and forestry in the village. The school was opened on December 9, 1839 and was in use until the spring of 1928. From 1887 only as a primary school. The teacher also lived in the school with his family. That was also the case in our old school building. The teacher lived in our house on the ground floor, which is now apartment 1. Teacher Brantzell lived in the old school museum last, he moved in 1962. From 1971 it is a school museum.